Prepping for Your Getting-Ready Pics

I love love love getting ready photos! The energy is so fun, they provide a glimpse into the behind-the-scenes excitement, nerves, and anticipation. I think getting ready photos really capture the essence of those moments and I think they’re just some of the most heart-warming photos of the day. 

Make The Most of Your Location

There are a few things every getting-ready venue probably has. The natural light is a big one. We will make the most of the natural light that we’ve got, and the more the better. The soft, flattering light really sets a beautiful tone to the morning. A few other things we love to see are mirrors, unique or solid-coloured backdrops, and some clutter-free areas for detail shots. The most important thing is that the venue is a calming, functional space for you and we will work with it!

I Am Allll About the Details

A big part of these photos is the important details that make your wedding day unique. A flower girl looking at the dress in awe. A dress hanging in the window, the lipstick and shoes or the groom’s cufflinks and watch. There are so, so many incredible and BIG moments throughout the day, I love getting to focus on the small meaningful moments during this time. 

Candids are Everything

The best getting ready photos are usually the candid ones. I always encourage my couples to bring some bubbles, and just relax and chat if there’s downtime. Enjoy these moments rather than posing for photos because we’re going to get those later. We will definitely have posed shots (don’t worry – I’m not about to miss a THING!). This experience is going to be beautiful, and it will give you some special true-to-you photos AND a damn good time is the unexpected cherry on top. 

I can’t wait to be your hype girl for you and your friends in all of this! Getting ready photos are just so beautiful and I ALREADY can’t wait for you to see how beautiful and glowy they’re going to be. I promise to take care of your wedding photos with creativity, sensitivity and ready to document the true essence of your day… Let’s get this party started!

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Kind Words

“Jenn is the perfect photographer! She’s kind and patient and will make sure you look drop dead gorgeous!! I love love love my photos!!! 10/10 would wholeheartedly recommend!!!”

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