Everything You Need to Know for Your Family Session

Capturing the magic in your family in photos doesn’t have to be a hassle—it actually can be a blast! If the thought of organizing a family photoshoot feels overwhelming, stick with me. I’ve got some foolproof tips to turn chaos into great photos so that everyone walks away feeling good and you get a stunning family gallery.

Pick the Perfect Spot

First things first, choose a location that’s a breeze for everyone to get to. Think about easy parking, short travel times, and accessibility for the grandparents or little ones in strollers. A spot that’s convenient for everyone means you’re all starting off relaxed and happy. I have a location guide that I will send to give you some tips! I am located in Ventura, California. 

Timing is Everything

Let’s talk scheduling. Opt for a time when the little ones are usually upbeat and energetic (post-nap, pre-hangry stages). This cuts down on meltdowns and ensures everyone’s in the best mood to flash those pearly whites. Also, depending on where your shoot is – I can travel to you. That’s why I haven’t built travel-costs into my pricing, so that we can get the best possible deals on flights, etc. when needed!

Let’s Keep it Simple

Remember, the best photos capture your family’s true spirit. Forget about complex poses and an overload of props. We’re aiming for natural, easy-going, candid shots that show what your family is really like. The real, raw authentic style is perfect for your family. Even if y’all are a bunch of crazies…

Let’s talk shot-list

A little planning goes a long way. We will chat about the types of photos you all want so give it some thought. Think through things like if grandma wants a picture with all the grandkids, or you want a sibling shot. When I know these things upfront, it keeps things moving smoothly. When someone needs a break, it’s a great opportunity to get through our list of photos that person isn’t in. Pin some ideas on a Pinterest board if you’d like for us to go over anything before the shoot! 

Roll with the Punches

Sometimes, despite all your planning, things might go sideways. Maybe someone’s late, or the little ones aren’t cooperating. It’s all good! I’ll stay flexible, keep the vibe upbeat, and remember: sometimes those unplanned moments usually turn into the best photos and memories. P.S. I’m a big believer in bribing those kiddos to get the perfect shot… We’ll do what it takes to get us there lol!

Will you help us if we’re awkward??

I’ve gotchu, boo! And I can completely relate! Stepping in front of a camera isn’t my favorite thing either, so I’ve learned endless prompting tricks that will help you feel comfortable, connect sincerely, and have fun every step of the way! I promise.. I’ve done this before even if you or your family hasn’t. I will help guide the session so you can focus on just having fun with your family.

For More…

For more, I wrote another blog post about How To Have a Stress Free Family Session. Be sure to check that out for more tips if you’re still feeling nervous and as always… PLEASE reach out if you need more support. We’re best friends now so I’m here for you! I can’t wait to capture you and your crew!!

By following these tips, you can make the process of taking family photos fast and easy for everyone involved. Remember to keep the focus on creating lasting memories and capturing the love and connection between your family members. So don’t delay, start planning your family photoshoot today and create beautiful memories that will last a lifetime!

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Kind Words

“Jenn did our maternity/family photoshoot and she was very patient with the kids and capturing their never ending movements. She was able to work with numerous variations of lighting for the location I chose and the photos still turned out amazing. She is extremely personable and provides some good laughs during the shoot. She is someone I recommend to my friends and family. We will definitely use her for future photoshoots!” 

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