Why to Consider a Second Shooter for Your Wedding

Have you ever thought about how magical it would be to relive your wedding day from every possible angle? That’s exactly what having a second photographer allows you to do. Trust me, I’ve seen the difference it can make, and it’s like having a backstage pass to your own wedding!

Every Moment Captured

Picture this: while one photographer is all set capturing your emotional first look, the other is snapping away at the teary-eyed relatives watching in awe. It’s all about not missing a beat. From your vows to the wild dance moves at the reception, two photographers literally mean double the coverage.

Fresh Perspectives

Every photographer has their own magic touch, their unique way of seeing the world. I know that with my second shooters, they are trained to shoot in a style that looks and feels like mine. With two pros at the same time, your wedding gallery will be filled with a cohesive style and vision, giving you a very well-rounded memento of your day.

Talk About a Stress Reliever

Knowing that everything and everyone is being covered professionally really takes the pressure off of you. You won’t have to pick and choose through which moments of the day are going to be captured, and which ones aren’t. That is truly such a gift in and of itself, I highly recommend a second shooter for that reason alone. It might seem small, but it’s worth the investment.

Candid Moments

While your main photographer is getting those must-have formal shots, your second shooter can focus in on your guests and their laughs, tears, and all those perfectly-imperfect moments that you’ll be really grateful for later. It’s really not everyday that all your favorite people are in the same place. It’s worth capturing.

Creative Collaboration

Two photographers also mean twice the creativity. I know that for me, we can REALLY work off each other’s energy, experiment with different angles and techniques, and bring an even richer creative flair to your wedding photos. The photographer “cuuuuute!!!” after every single click is also double… fair warning.

Seriously, the perks of having a second shooter are endless. Whether it’s making sure no touching moment slips through the cracks, or just giving you a more complete and vibrant collection of memories, a second photographer elevates your wedding photography to the next level. If you want a wedding album that feels as full and lively as your actual day was, consider bringing a second photographer on board. I will take care of everything – the direction, the editing, the communication. But you will get every photo from your day.

Overall, having a second photographer for your wedding day can be a valuable investment. It can enhance the overall experience and result in a more comprehensive and diverse gallery. There are so many pros to having a second photographer for your wedding day! Whether you’re looking for increased coverage, different perspectives, or creative opportunities, a second photographer can help you capture all the special moments of your big day!

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Kind Words

“Easily the best experience with a photographer to date! Jenn is super personable and very talented at her craft. She made sure my boyfriend and I were comfortable and enjoying the experience. Thank you so much Jenn for seeing a beautiful vision turned into phenomenal pictures. These are pictures that we will forever cherish.”

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