How to use your Engagement Photos

Hey hey! It’s your girl Jenn. I wanted to give you some ideas for how to use your engagement photos because they can and should be used in lots of different areas of your life and your wedding! You’re only engaged once, and these photos really do capture the love between you. Not to mention all the time and energy you put into making them happen. They really will capture the love and excitement between you and your partner. You deserve to see them used well. 

All the Stationary…

So, a fun way to set the tone for the wedding is to put them on your save the date cards and invitations. I’ve also seen couples print a book of their photos as their wedding guest book. Just leave some thick margins and have your guests sign around your photos. What a cool way to have your engagement photos / wedding keepsake as a gorgeous coffee table book! You could also put them on wedding programs, or send them to your guests in thank you cards after the wedding (especially if you want to prep thank you cards before the wedding!)

Other Wedding Decor

You can add them as canvas prints or put them in cute frames for the tables at your reception! You can also create a photo wall or collage to showcase your photos in a creative and aesthetic way. I think this just adds a really thoughtful personal touch to your wedding decor that guests will appreciate. 

Marketing your Wedding

Whatever you choose to do, making a cohesive theme throughout your event is way more simple if you’re working with a set of photos.  In marketing, brands use photoshoots to promote the launch of an event. So, obviously you’re not marketing your wedding in the same way brands will market products – but for event planning, the photos can serve a similar purpose! By using them throughout your event, your guests will identify your engagement photos with your love & they will get to enjoy more of the photos as well! Perfect opportunity if you don’t know which ones to choose – now you don’t have to! You can use a LOT of them!

It’s your day, and I hope you do whatever makes you feel so happy! Hopefully this gives you a few ideas on how to incorporate your engagement photos at your wedding! I can’t wait!!

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Kind Words

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